Student Visa

The student visa allows the students from different countries to join a full time college or university in Australia. Students may take up the packaged courses that lead up to diploma or degree. We help students to pursue their long-cherished dreams of studying with one of the registered education providers. This way, they can build their career and earn their living. We are well aware of the entire procedure, documents, fee structure and the course contents. By offering you the best solutions, we can help you to shape up your future.

If you want to study in Australia and are clueless about the application process, documents and your available options, you can contact us. It is recommended that you discuss your requirements with us and we will suggest the best option to suit your needs. All you have to do is ,to pick up your phone and discuss your requirements in detail. Everything will be taken care of according to your profile and current status of academics. You will then have sufficient knowledge to make an informed decision.

Skilled Migration Visa

The general skilled migration visa Category is for people with qualifications and experience in professions / trades that Australia has skill shortages for. Australian Government has created various skill shortage occupation lists. Australian Government keeps on changing the lists from time to time as per the industry needs. Applicants must also meet all other basic Australia immigration requirements. Skilled migration visas are issued on a points based system. The process of applying points tested visas is also different to many other visa categories. The process of getting a visa under the skilled migration category pathway can be complex.

For example, the qualifications you have might not be recognised by the skill assessing authorities OR you might not be given as much credit for work experience that you think you may deserve. It is, therefore, advisable to get professional help from a registered migration Agent. To set up initial consultation to discuss your eligibility, self-assessment, expression of interest, or visa application, please feel free to contact us today.

Employer Sponsored Visa

Australian employers can sponsor overseas workers for temporary as well as certain permanent visas . To protect the interest of Australian citizens and residents, only occupations with skill shortages are allowed to be sponsored. To be fair to the locals, Employers first have to make efforts to try to find the suitable candidates from within Australian labour market. If suitable candidate is not available locally, then the employer is free to offer employment to suitably skilled overseas worker. The prospective employee must meet the qualifications/work experience requirement specified for that occupation. Employers also have to get their business approved before the applicant nominated by them can be granted the visa.

The overseas worker will be assessed by the Immigration Department under relevant Migration law and related policy. The applicable skill occupation list is also taken into account. Certain occupations on short term stream can not be further sponsored by the employer for permanent pathway. Under the medium-term skill shortage list, there is an advantage that may later lead to permanent residence after working for the employer for 3 years. However, this will only be possible if employer has met their required obligations and are willing to sponsor you for the permanent visa. Employers can also choose to become accredited employers with Australian Immigration Department.

Partner Visa

As the name suggests, this is a visa for married / defacto partners of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and eligible NZ citizens to enter and remain permanently in Australia. We at IMC, take care of you by undertaking a thorough assessment, consultation and accurate visa application process. Partner visa is broadly divided into two categories: Prospective Marriage visa and Partner visa. The type of visa for which you should apply depends on the type of relationship you are in.

Partner visa is made up of two parts i.e.: temporary and permanent visa. In the beginning, partners who meet the legal criteria for the grant of the visa are generally granted a temporary visa. Later, after reaching the 2 years eligibility period, a permanent visa will be granted if the genuine & continuing relationship criteria is met. Sponsors shall also meet the legal criteria before their sponsorship application is approved. If the sponsorship is not approved, the visa application can not be approved. In very rare circumstances, there are provisions in the Migration law to approve visa application without the need of sponsorship application approval. If there is a long-standing relationship or applicant meets some other special criteria/s, permanent partner visa can be granted anytime prior to the usual 2 years period. If you wish to reside with your qualifying sponsoring partner in Australia, you shall consider applying for a partner visa and be assessed against the legal criteria for the grant of that visa.

Family Migrations

Australian immigration department in an effort to bring family members together have introduced family visas for Australia. This includes partners, parents, children, carer and few other family members to migrate to this country. We will be able to help you with your visa application if your circumstances have the potential to satisfy the required eligibility criteria. The same goes if you are a parent with qualifying children in Australia. Migration in these cases ensures that parents can be reunited with their loved ones. Aged dependent relatives, remaining relatives & carers of Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia, eligible NZ citizens also have valid immigration options.

IMC aims to assist people to join their partner, children or other qualifying family members in Australia. It is not based on a job offer or other skills requirement. To start the process, we first conduct an eligibility assessment to confirm if you will meet the criteria. Once eligibility is established, then we explain the next steps, including costs & time frames. We can help with your understanding of the options & give you the confidence to understand the process. We practise one point of contact in providing ongoing updates on each visa application.

Business Innovation and Investiment Visa

The Australian Government has designed the Business Innovation and Investment Programme to encourage successful, international business people and investors, to settle in Australia. By applying for an Australian Business Visa, applicants are able to let their business and investment activity flourish in Australia, whilst also building a name for themselves in the country.

At IMC, we provide services for business visas, including both the provisional and permanent Business and Innovation Visa and the Business Talent Visa. We are more than happy to help both onshore and offshore applicants migrate to Australia for any business and investment purposes. You may also need advice on other matters relating to establishing operations in Australia - IMC can provide you with referrals to experts in a variety of fields.

Australia Citizenship

In order to be eligible for Australian Citizenship, various options are available. Some of them are;

By conferral: Your residence status in Australia for the last 4 years is taken into account. You must be a permanent resident of Australia for at-least the most recent 1 year. For other 3 years, prior to this 1 year, you may have held either permanent visa or other temporary visa/s. You must have generally resided in Australia for the last 4 years. Some periods of absence from Australia are allowed in the last 4 years and in the last 1 year immediately before applying for citizenship under this category. You must also meet the other eligibility requirements. In very limited circumstances, longer periods of absences within last 4 years can be permitted. However, there are discretions available in the law to consider them on case by case basis.

On birth in Australia: In Australia, people automatically become an Australian citizen if they are born here and one or both of their parents is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia or other qualifying parents.

On 10th birthday- born in Australia ( parents not covered in above category ): You become an Australian citizen on your 10th birthday if you are born here and you have been an ordinarily resident in Australia till your 10th birthday. Temporary absence/s from Australia for temporary purposes are allowed in those 10 years period.

By Descent: If you are the child of an Australian citizen but you are born overseas, you may be granted Australian citizenship, subject to certain rule and requirements.

Child adopted outside Australia by an Australian citizen: You may apply for Australian citizenship if your adoption was completed outside Australia by an Australian citizen under the Hague convention or a bilateral arrangement.

Administration Appeal Tribunal

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) provides independent review of a wide range of administrative decisions made by the Immigration Department and other Australian government departments at large. If your Australian visa has recently been refused or cancelled, you may be eligible to apply for a merit review with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Some visa applicants do not have review rights. Review of some decisions can only be requested by sponsoring relatives or employers. Review application can ONLY be lodged within a strictly specified timeframe. If you approach our Agency for a merit review, we will review your documentation, explain you the outcome prospects and if you engage our services, we will prepare and submit your application to the AAT on your behalf.

The AAT is an independent body that has the power to re-assess the original decision made by the Immigration department and determine whether the applicant meets the relevant requirements for the change of decision in favour of the review applicant or not. There are many reasons to review the refusal and cancellation of a visa by the AAT. If you believe that your visa application for a visa should not have been refused or cancelled, we can assist you in your review at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and use our expertise to the higher probabilities in getting a more favourable decision.

Travel / Tourist Visa

Travel Visas are the temporary visas that are issued to the applicants for a limited period of time. It is a non- immigrant visa. The visa is valid for upto1 year stay. However, 3 months stay visa is more common. It can be granted for single entry or multiple entries. Stay period can be extended in Australia by lodging a new visa application. A new decision will then be made by the Department if you meet the new criteria for the grant of visa or not. However, in some situations it may not be possible if there is a condition on your visa that stops you from lodging a new visa application while you are onshore. Partners and parents of Australian citizens / permanent residents are generally permitted to stay longer such as 1 year. You have to satisfy the genuine temporary entrant criteria and other relevant criteria before this visa can be granted. The visa holder is required to have access to sufficient resources to visit Australia as a genuine visitor.

The visa holder is not allowed to work or engage in any kind of commercial activities. Tourist Visas can be used for holiday purpose, visit family and friends, or recreation purpose.

We are committed to provide sound advice to our clients who wish to migrate, study or undertake business activities in Australia. We have vast experience in variety of visa subclasses and streams.